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Holiday Pre-Order Menu

Thanks for placing your orders with us and supporting our small business!

Pre-Order by 12/29  by calling us at 508-392-9678 or submitting the form below


Cod - MSC Certified, Wild, Iceland - $19.99/lb

Haddock - MSC Certified, Wild, Iceland - $18.99/lb

Salmon - ASC Certified, Responsibly Farmed, Bay of Fundy - $18.99/lb

Flounder - Local Catch, Wild - $19.99/lb

Arctic Char - Iceland, Responsibly Farmed - $18.99/lb

Halibut - Nova Scotia, Wild - $29.99/lb

Yellowfin Tuna - Pacific, Wild - $26.99/lb

Swordfish - Mid-Atlantic, HMS, Wild - $27.99/lb

Whole Sardines - Portugal - $8/lb

Monkfish - Local Catch, Wild - $16.99/lb

Skate Wing - Local Catch, Wild - $12.99/lb




Cooked Shrimp - BAP Certified - $18.99/lb

Peeled + Deveined Shrimp - Wild, US Gulf - $19.99/lb

Shell-On Shrimp - Wild, US Gulf  - $18.99/lb

Head-On Tiger Prawns - Australia - $28.99/lb

Sea Scallops - Local Catch, George's Bank - $29.99/lb

Bay Scallops - Nantucket, Subject to availability - $49.99/lb

Mussels - Blue Hill Bay, Maine - $10.99/lb

Squid - Point Judith, RI - $12.99/lb


Littleneck Clams - Local Catch - $9.99/lb

Chowder Clams - Local Catch - $1.99/lb

Beachpoint Oysters - Barnstable - $1.75ea

Shining Seas Oysters - Falmouth - $1.75ea

Jumbo Grilling Oysters - Barnstable  - $1.00ea


Live Lobsters  - Call for pricing - $MP

Lobster Meat - $60/lb

Lump Crab Meat - $24

Frozen Chopped Clams - $18.99/16oz




Stuffed Quahogs - Pack of 2, Regular, Pack of 4, Gluten-Free  $9/$18

Stuffed Topnecks - Pack of 8 - $21

Stuffed Scallops - Pack of 2 - $9.99

Scallops Wrapped in Bacon - Pack of 10 - $16.99

Crab Cakes - Pack of 2 - $16.99

Mini Crab Cakes - Pack of 12 - $16.99


Nice Catch Smoked Bluefish or Smoked Salmon Paté -  $12.95

Wicked Good Crab Dip - $12

Wakame Seaweed Salad - $5.95/8oz

House Cocktail Sauce-  $5.95/8oz

House Classic Mignonette - $7/8oz

Cucumber Herb Mignonette - $7/8oz


Clam Chowder - Regular or Gluten-Free  $18/quart

Lobster Bisque - $18/quart

Cioppino Broth - House Recipe - $25/quart

Coconut Lemongrass Broth - (for littlenecks or mussels) - $25/quart


Dry Aged Swordfish - Dry Aged In-House 

Dry Aged Bluefin Tuna- Chatham, Dry Aged In-House - $42.99/lb

House Gravlax - Classic Recipe - $32.99/lb

Smoked Salmon - Classic Recipe - $10/4oz

Check out our selection of tinned fish in store!



Platters + Packages

Bagels+Gravlax Package - 1dozen or half dozen assorted bagels, dill cream cheese, capers, red onion, lemon wedges, sliced house gravlax - $180 / $95 (Add Local Bloody Mary Mix $14) (Add Caviar, White Sturgeon $65, Kaluga $75)

Caviar Package - Choice of White Sturgeon or Kaluga Hybrid Caviar, Creme Fraiche, Blinis,  - $180 (serves 2 people)

Lobster +Caviar Blinis Package - Choice of White Sturgeon or Kaluga Hybrid Caviar, Creme Fraiche, Blinis, 1/2lb Lobster Meat - Per serving for 2 people: $90 (White Sturgeon) $100 (Kaluga Hybrid)

Baked/Grilled Oyster Package - 12 oysters, choice of Garlic Herb or Spicy 'Nduja Butter breadcrumbs, Regular or GF.  $35



White Sturgeon Caviar - Sustainably Farmed in California. Gener­ously sized pearls and fresh flavor. It’s clean on the palate and complemented by a creamy, lingering finish - $65/oz

Kaluga Hybrid Caviar - Large firm bead and bronze color packs full flavor with balanced minerality, and a buttery finish. - $75/oz


Pre-Order Online

Place your orders using the online form, or give us a call at 508-392-9678


By placing this order, you agree to pick up your order at the designated date/time, and agree to pay in person at Cataumet Fish. If you need to cancel your order for any reason, you agree to do so 24 hours in advance. Thank you for supporting this small business! 

Thanks for submitting! You will receive a confirmation email by 6p today.

The deadline to place online pre-orders has passed. Please call the store to place your order. Thank you!

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