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Community Cookbook

We love the unique joy of cooking other people’s “secret family recipes”, and we KNOW you have some good ones. If you’d like to share a recipe, we would love to compile them and create a Cataumet Fish Community Cookbook, that will be available for purchase early this summer! All profits from the sale of the cookbook will benefit the Bourne Food Pantry.

Recipes would focus on seafood, but can also include sides that you serve with seafood, or even sauces, marinades or spice rubs that you use. We want the recipes that you LOVE to cook, the ones that are tried and tested and loved year over year. We especially love recipes that have been passed down through generations, and we also want to include any of the stories behind the recipes that you are willing to share.


Every contributor will receive a proof of their recipe before publication, and a copy of the cookbook at a special discounted rate.


Submissions are open until the end of April, click below to send us an email with your recipe, and any story behind it you'd like to share!


Want to help us compile recipes with your local groups? Download a printable submission form below! 

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